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Jalama Beach
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New Rules for Kite Surfing !!
"Kiteboarding at Jalama Beach"

Welcome to Jalama Beach. This is a guide for all kiteboarders at Jalama. The wind here is always extremely gusty and is famous for afternoon wind increases of 20 knots or more in a few minutes. Due to this, particularly in the summer time, Kiteboarding is restricted to expert riders only.

The primary concern of this notice is the public beachgoers safety.

It is your responsibility to maintain a level of kiting where you and your gear’s full time job is public safety. Here are a few rules that will be enforced by the lifeguards, rangers and local kiters:
1 No beginner / intermediate kiters allowed from Memorial Day through Labor Day. No beach flying or lessons of any kind.
2 Before you go out check your gear, and make sure it is in excellent condition. If you don’t have the correct size kite for the conditions don’t go out. The loss of a kite on the beach or any incident is unacceptable. Kite leashes are mandatory.
3 Beachgoers, surfers, and fishermen have the right of way. Their safety is your primary concern. Do not fly your kite overhead, or near them. Fly your kite on the beach only enough to get off the beach, or out of the water.
4 The current launch area is behind the store, upwind to the river mouth. Check with the lifeguards or local kiters before going out to see there are any special concerns for the day.
5 Launch and land only in this lifeguard designated area and make sure there are no beachgoers down wind of you at least 2 kite line lengths away. Lifeguards can help in landing a kite if need be.
6 Make other kiters safety your concern. Assist in landing and launching. Keep an eye on their kite when it is in the sand. Don’t let another person’s avoidable mistake cause an incident.
7 Don’t leave any kites unattended on the beach. De-rig any kite you are not immediately using. It is not OK to leave a kite you may be using again on the beach. It is not OK to blow up your kite on the beach and go back to the car to get your suit on.
8 Kite leashes are mandatory.

At the end of a canyon Jalama is a riverbed surf break located just a couple of miles North of Point Conception. Jalama is Southern California's premiere surf sailing site. The scenery is majestic and you are so isolated it is hard to believe you are in Southern California. Jalama is the first California site to feel the NW spring winds each year. It is the harbinger of the wild and wooly NW clearing winds that bring joy to California ocean sailors. Located at the end of a 15 mile county road, the Jalama experience is incredible! The broad sandy beach is backed by coastal bluffs and hills.
The weather is unpredictable with wind speed and direction switching often unexpectedly. Large swell and a beach break launch makes this a tricky place to sail.
Medium tide produces the best surf and current conditions. Jalama is notorious for its vicious board chomping mast breaking shore break. When the break is big pray for wind inside. Heading out in light conditions can provide some amusement for the beach crowd. The winds are often light in the impact zone so make your launch when the wind is high and the surf small. Waves form rideable rights and lefts with the lefts being preferred. The lefts are usually smoother and will take you to windward.
The close-out size varies with the tide and swell direction but on the average spring day they are over head high. Local knowledge is invaluable at Jalama so spend some time watching the locals before heading out. If it looks good and nobody is out, there is probably a good reason. Because of the wind problems at shore and impact zone a relatively floaty board is recommended. If a tantalizing fragrance drifts by you on that last ride its one of the famous Jalama Burgers. Don't miss out!
The skill level Jalama demands depends upon the conditions. With smaller waves and steady 18+ knot winds an intermediate wave sailor can have fun practicing. If the waves are head high or larger only advanced and expert sailors sailors should venture out. If the winds are nuking and the waves thick and knarly there will be swift long shore, rip currents and a dangerous shore break so experts only! These conditions are common by late afternoon in the spring. If you are not up to it just watch the fun. There is a pay phone in front of the store for emergencies.
Jalama offer picnic areas, restroom, store, snack bar and fishing There is good surfing at Tarantula Point to the south. Camping is available but on weekends and holidays, reservations are recommended. For group reservations call: (805) 568-2460. When it really blows, dust and wind blown bushes make for less than ideal sun bathing. For information call: (805) 736-6316. Most amenities are available in the park or at the store. If you need anything else, it is a 20 mile drive to Lompoc so come prepared. Parking: there is a $5/day use fee. If you become an Jalama addict, buy the $45 annual pass. There is plenty of parking except for the busiest holiday weekends. The best parking is near the rigging area. Once you have rigged, it is a good 150 yards to the launch site.
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Shops, Schools, Clubs, Events, Food, Lodging, More,
 Season: Mid-March to Late May 
 Water: Cold and clear 50f to 70f 
 Ability Level: Advanced to Expert 
 Wetsuit: 3mm/2mm & 4mm/3mm 
 Familiness: Beach, camp, watch, with great Store/Restaurant 
 Parking: Lots of parking, camping 
 Launch: Sandy with shorebreak 

From Lompoc head 4.3 miles south then turn on Jalama Road and go 15 miles to the beach.

The sensor was located on the famous Jalama Burger Store about 35 feet in the air and 100 yards from the water's edge. No calibrations have been applied. Accuracy of sensor unknown. Obstructions are none as the sensor is way above in vegetation near by. Given the long drive you want to know if it is going to blow BEFORE the wind gets to the beach. If the NWS sensors at Pt. Conception, Pt. Arguello, and San Miguel Island have readings of NW winds at 20+ knots early in the morning and the forecast is good then it's time for a road trip.

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