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San Pablo Bay
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CA- san francisco

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<b>Overall Park Use:</b> Since writing this a few years back, the Four Fools Winery has opened and they are permitting us to use the ramp inside the marina to the north of the Lone Tree park eliminating having to carry your gear. The only request is that everyone drives slowly after entering past the marina gate, which if not open you must close after passing, so as not to create too much dust.

In the meantime the park itself has been cleaned up, so leaving that 411 on this page since some may still choose to launch there. This park gets lots of dog walking, fishing and some evidence of partying use. There is a large burnt /dried out grassy area to rig about 20 yards past the gate. There is a large sandy crescent shaped beach that serves as the launch. Somewhat protected under the shade of the Lone Tree and next to the beach are picnic tables and benches on a slight rise above the beach. There is an outhouse, too. There are also some trails to the south that allows you to climb on a bluff looking out to the West across San Pablo Bay and the sailing area.

<b>Launch:</b> The ramp in the marina is at the far end of the marina/storage yard. Can be slightly slippery and there are some old piers to the south easily avoided,

The sandy crescent beach is user friendly. No evidence of glass on the beach. Sailing there on a south wind, there is one dead area about 15 yards off shore in the lee of the bluff which you can slog past going in and out.

<b>Wind and Current:</b> Advanced/Expert Only. Wind was side slightly off shore. Downwind are a power plant, oil refineries and then the Carquinez Straits. There is no walking back. Definitely let someone know that you are sailing here. It is vast, lonely and a wind shut down here will be a serious event as there is lots of current.

<b>Sensor tips:</b> This sensor needs a tide chart. Would recommend only sailing on the ebb. We worked to stay up wind. Descent wind at the beach with some slight holes. Outside approaching the the channel marker (est. 1kt. mile from shore) there is stronger wind and excellent glassy swell. Reminded us of sailing in the 3rd Ave channel. Unlike the comments on the Davis Pt. page, we thought the channel was about half the distance from the beach as compared to 3rd Ave.

<b>The Sailing:</b> Heading out on a port tack the sailing area is huge and empty with views of Mt. Tam and the hills heading north from there with fog spilling over them. Heading back in on a starboard tack, you have a view of a power plant (the smoke stack will let you know the wind is still blowing on shore), an oil refinery and a dead on view of the Carquinez Straits. The bluff and the fishing resort boat warehouse are visible from the channel as landmarks for your return. The water seemed grittier than say T.I., and recommend a full wetsuit. The smooth and large intervals between the crests of the swell makes all reservations about parking and sailing here melt away.
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Take I-80, Willow Street exit, which is one exit towards Sacramento past the 80/4 junction. Turn right at the bottom of the exit, and go through the town of Rodeo. As town ends and the road bends to the right (north), take a left and head two blocks south up a slight grade in a residential/commercial area, followed by a right turn over a railroad track overpass. Immediately after crossing the overpass, take a left (to the right is a Marina with a restaurant called the Waterfront), and head down to the gate. PARKING. If launching from the ramp inside the marina, just park next to the ramp. If launching from the park, the gate is bordered by a chain link fence on each side. To the water side is Joseph Fishing Resort is now gone. The other fence is separating the railroad tracks from the park. Large trains do come rumbling by. Parking at the gate itself is prohibited as is it a fire access. Park about 30 yards from the gate on the side of the road leading down to the gate. Vehicles are somewhat isolated from the park, and security seemed sketchy only due to the abandoned nature of the parking area, derelict boats, evidence of broken glass, etc. (This last trip someone first inquired of the value of the sails and equip., and then offered to sell us a sail for $50 that someone had 'forgotten there last year.' We were already set so we declined.) This is not the place to park a flashy vehicle.

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