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Silver Strand
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CA- san diego

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April 2023: We had to remove our station due to corrosion. Of course we would like to continue reporting data from this location and are actively investigating our options. Thanks for your understanding here.

Except for a few particular weather patterns, Silver Strand State beach has the strongest, most consistent wind in the San Diego area (if only by a few knots). It also has large open beaches for miles, and is generally less crowded due to its isolation. This makes it a popular location for all levels of riders.

There are some kiteboarding restrictions at the beach (mainly in the summer months), be sure to read the sign or ask a local.

Wind: In general, the entire San Diego area gets light and inconsistent wind due to its geographical location. Except for rare days (described below), larger kites 14-20M are the call.


Feb-April - Spring Season. Strongest and most frequent winds, depending upon weather patterns. Passing pressure systems can bring strong S winds of 18-25+ knots (and usually some rain), followed a day or two later by WNW clearing winds of 16-22 knots. Sometimes high pressure systems sit near the area generating hot inland temps, and strong thermal winds at the beach. Standard thermal winds blow from the WNW and blow 13-16 knots on the best days, lighter (and possibly unrideable on most days).

May-Sept - This is eddy season, with generally light and mostly unrideable wind. While Central and Northern CA coast get blasted by the North Pacific High's strong NW winds, Southern CA is stuck in the wake of Point Conception, which creates a swirling eddy effect. This generally creates fog at the beach (aka May Gray/June Gloom) with light winds from the SW. These winds slowly change to WSW as the inland thermals kick in and the fog partially burns off. Rarely does the wind get above 13 knots, though there are exceptions. Sometimes, the North Pacific High's winds increase beyond gale force, creating an exceptionally strong and organized eddy. This can create SSW winds of 13-20 knots in the AM, which slowly taper off as the inland valleys heat up and slacken the pressure gradients of the eddy. Most days are usually unrideable, even though it will look windy. Additionally, the beaches can get VERY crowded with tourists.

Oct-Jan - Crystal clear calm wind days for weeks on end, little to no crowds, big swells, peppered with rare wind days of 14-18 knots depending upon weather patterns. This is when the larger Pacific Storms come in, sometimes generating large swells at the beach and occasionally bringing in some rain and strong winds, similar to the Spring Season. Also, Santa Ana wind conditions can develop and can generate rideable winds depending upon location of the pressure systems - rarely from the ENE (offshore winds), or NNW (sideshore) as the inland valleys/deserts heat up and create an exceptional local thermal effect. While everywhere else is blowing E to NE, the Silver Strand area can be blowing NNW with winds of 14-20 knots in these events.
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 Season: Oct-April 
 Water: Cold 
 Ability Level: All levels, good beginner site 
 Familiness: Great for Family 
 Parking: Entry fee, or park across at the Cays for free 
 Launch: Beach with dried kelp patches 

From Downtown San Diego: Take the Coronado Bay Bridge to Coronado, and follow the signs south down to Silver Strand State Beach, 3 miles south of downtown Coronado. Or, Take I-5 South to Palm Avenue, and follow it all the way to the coast which will curve back to the north, and come in to Silver Strand from the south. If its windy, you'll see plenty of kites up, from a few miles away. You can park a Silver Strand State Beach for a fee ($8), or street parking across the highway at the Coronado Cays for free, requiring a short walk.

The sensor is located on the ocean about 100 feet from the water and on top of the Lifeguard station at Silver Strand Beach. It has 360 degrees of clean wind and is hopefully as true as it can be. In wind speeds below 13 mph it may read high but as the wind picks up above 15 it should be right on. There are no corrections made for this site.

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